otakon memories (1999)


disclaimer:  everything is a bit fuzzy.  remember, this happened twelve years ago ...

otakon 1999, the year that started it all.  a long time ago on an irc network far, far away ... a group of us use hang out on this irc channel on efnet called #robotech.  prior to its 1998 airing on cartoon network, i have never seen an episode of robotech before.  in fact, prior to 1998, i never seen any anime previously, unless you want to count voltron, but i didn't know that was anime back then.  back to the story ... less than a month before otakon, a couple of my friends on #robotech spoke of attending this anime convention and said i should go.  they kinda nagged me about it for a little bit and at the last moment i decided to go.

got myself camera (film advantix), booked the hotel (hyatt), got myself a train ticket (amtrak, metroliner).  since i didn't know what i was getting myself into, i only did saturday-sunday.  i had a lot of fun.  didn't take that many photos, but this started the whole photography thing.

otakon 1999 pictures / gallery unlocked.  https://www.rdfn.org/gallery/otakon/1999/

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