otakon memories (2000)


otakon 2000 was much more planned out.  i planned a friday-sunday stay.  i had a courtyard view room at the harbor court hotel.  it was a nice independent posh hotel.  back then, the dole (as in pineapple) family owned it. (it is currently an intercontinental.  companies properties include holiday inn, if you didn't know.)

like otakon 1999, otakon 2000 did not have the entire baltimore convention center to itself.  we shared the space with some religious group (something like that).  it was kind of interesting to hear stories about them being demanding at burger king that weekend.

my memory might be fuzzy, but i'm pretty sure this was the year i discovered the stinky fanboy.  we were sitting by one of the entrances and was chatting with this guy ... every time the door opened, there was this funny smell, and then i realized it was the guy we were chatting with.  obviously i made a quick exit after realizing this.

one last thought.  i'm fairly certain that prior to me being a guest at the harbor court, they didn't know what anime was.  we brought a friend with cat ears and a dress into the hotel and there was some kind of after wedding reception going on.  that was fun.  i think one of the guest took a picture with him.  brilliant!  anyways, the hotel certainly knows us now.  and would remember me for years to come.

anyways, i probably shouldn't be writing blog postings at 1am, when i should be sleeping.

otakon 2000 pictures / gallery unlocked.  https://www.rdfn.org/gallery/otakon/2000/

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