hope x


i will be attending hope x.  http://x.hope.net/.  hackers on planet earth.  it's a convention that takes place once every two years at the hotel pennsylvania.  i am looking forward to this one.  the panels should be interesting this year with snowden and all going on.  also i have these two other friends that are presenting […]

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awesome con dc


awesome con dc looks like a lot of fun. i am going to have to attend it next year. http://www.awesomecondc.com/

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new york comic con 2013 update


new york comic con 2013 pictures, posted to https://www.rdfn.org/gallery/new_york_comic_con/2013/

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new york comic con 2013 day four


day four.  the last day of comic con.  i wanted to see arthur darvill, but i missed him.  heard about the pop culture anti-bullying coalition booth and want to go see it.  i got to chat briefly with chase masterson and was impressed by all the work she did.  she even got adam bouska (of […]

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new york comic con 2013 day three


day three.  saw all the friends i wanted to see.  i finally got gillian anderson and david duchovny's autograph on my issue one x-files comics from the 90s.  the comic already had the autographs of the writers, artist, and chris carter.  went to the cgc booth (these are the guys that seal up your comics […]

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new york comic con 2013 day two


day two.  started off slow.  i discovered that my flash was malfunctioning and was discharging the battery when on.  picked up my pace later on and took a bunch of pictures.  chatted with ryan from scifi speed dating, asking him to chat with the organizers of geeks out to plan a better lgbt speed dating […]

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new york comic con 2013 day one


day one.  hung out with a friend.  ran into a bunch of other friends.  made a new friend.  saw a guy get hypnotized.  bought soda.  put it in the side pocket of my bag.  didn't realized that when you walk around, you're shaking it.  open it.  sprayed soda everywhere.  and on my camera.  had to […]

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new york comic con 2012 update


i had a lot of fun this year at new york comic con.  friday, i got into the peter davidson panel and popped into the gaia panel (to get codes for a friend).  saturday, i did the teen wolf panel (to get pictures for another friend).   saturday evening, there was no masquerade this year, […]

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i wonder if it's too early to announce my full retirement from the convention scene.  it's starting to be more of a hassle than it's worth.

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otakon memories (2010)


otakon 2010 pictures / gallery unlocked.  https://www.rdfn.org/gallery/otakon/2010/

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