One of the greatest animated shows ever to be shown in the US, Robotech is the combination of 3 different Japanese anime series into 1 American version.

In the coming days we will add in more information about this great series of all time.

Pick a Saga.

Series Information:

Name: Robotech

Release Dates: 1985 to 1986

Composed of:   Super Dimensional Fortress Macross

               Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross

               Genesis Climber Mospeada

Supervising Director: Robert Barron

Associate Producer: Jehan Agrama

Chief Engineer: Bryan J. Rusenko

Executive Music Producer: Thomas A. White

Executive Producer: Ahmed Agrama

Music Composition: Alberto Ruben Estevez, Arlon Ober, Ulpio Minucci

Music Editor: John Mantanotti

Producer: Carl Macek

Production manager: Kent Hayes

Recording engineer: Eduardo Torres, George Bours, John Reiner, Leondardo Araujo

Script Editing: Steve Kramor

Staff Writer: Ardwight Chamberlain, Greg Finley, Gregory Snegoff
Jason Klassi, Jim Wager, Mike Reynolds
Robert Barron, Steve Flood, Steve Kramer, Tao Will 

Story Editor: Cark Macek

English Cast

Dan Waren as Roy Fokker

Jimmy Flinders As Khyron, Max Sterling

Reba West As Lynn Minmei

Tony Oliver as Rick Hunter

Wendee Swan as Kim Young

English Companies:  Broadcaster:  Cartoon Network

                               Licensed By: ADV Films

                               Production: Harmony Gold U.S.A. Inc.