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The Macross Saga

Episode 1: Booby Trap


In the year 1999, Earth is in the middle of a global war, which was destroying the planet.  All of this paled in comparison to what lied ahead in the coming years.  Astronomers had detected a large alien spaceship that had broken through hyperspace and on a collision course with Earth.

After having crash landed in a remote site in the South Pacific called Macross island.  Finally knowing for sure that man was not alone in the universe a cease fire was called forth as a large group of scientists hurried off to examine the unknown spaceship.

Remarkably the alien vessel had survived the high speed crash which had sent massive shockwaves in its wake.  After entering the spaceship the scientists discovered that all the advanced technology was still in tact and operational.  

Unfortunately none of the ships alien crew was found or any traces of them.  Through examining their technology and left over records the scientists learned that the aliens where an advanced civilization centuries ahead of what Earth had at present and also peaceful.

With these historic findings the Earth seemed more and more vulnerable to attack from an unknown alien race, with that the Global war was put to and end for good, with a new united earth government formed to help defend the planet from aliens in the future.

For the next ten years an army of scientists and engineers began work to repair and refit the alien spaceship for use as Earths first line of defense.  The group worked day and night non-stop to decipher bits and peaces of left over advanced technology, till finally the man had learned how to use and take advantage of it, which they later branded Robotech.

At the same time a new city grew around the Robotech ship with the same name as the island Macross City.  On the Final day everyone in the city gathered around the totally rebuilt and new SDF-1 (Super Dimensional Fortress) to await its dramatic lift off into space.

As the SDF-1 prepares for takeoff under the command of Captain Henry J. Gloval, inhabitants of Macross City enjoy opening festivities hosted by war hero Lieutenant Commander Roy Fokker. The ceremonies are interrupted when Fokkerís young friend Rick Hunter, crashes the air display with a fantastic demonstration of his own aeronautical abilities.

After landing his small plane Rich and Roy renew their long friendship, but their enjoyment is short-lived as another warp-fold takes place.  Another huge alien ship enters Earth's solar system, the Zentraedi, a race of giant warriors who have done nothing but wage wars for thousands of generations in the sake of military conquest.

Being led to Earth in pursuit of the alien spaceship, they plan to recapture it at all costs.  Back on Macross island onboard the SDF-1 everyone is working to prepare for takeoff once the Captain arrives, unaware of the impending danger which is drawing closer and closer to their current position.

Slowly entering into earth orbit, the armada of Zentraedi war ships locks on to the SDF-1 exact position.  Two scout ships are sent forward to investigate the area before the rest of the group advances down towards the small island.  When the spacefortress senses the presence of the Zentraedi armada, it automatically begins to prepare defense mechanisms.

The bridge of the SDF-1 dissolves in chaos. Captain Gloval leaves the opening ceremonies to join his crew. Lieutenant Commander Lisa Hayes and Bridge Officer Claudia Grant advise him of the shipís unusual behavior. As the SDF-1 bridge crew become aware of the invaders and regain control of their ship, a combat alert is ordered and all personnel are called back to the ship.

Breetai and Exedore donít know what to make of the humans' initial attack. Their defense seems erratic. It does not put the Robotech spacefortress to its most effective use. The Zentraedi can hardly guess that their foes lack sufficient knowledge to control the massive Robotech mechanisms.

Rick Hunter is literally caught napping in one of the Veritech Fighters as the combat begins. Lisa Hayes orders him into battle. She assumes heís one of their combat veterans. Rick obliges her, taking off with youthful nonchalance only to find himself in the midst of a situation heís not prepared to deal with. Fortunately, Roy Fokker comes to his aid.

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