welp. i didn't retire. but i'm still thinking about it. pictures posted in a more timely manner this time around. pictures posted to http://www.rdfn.org/gallery/new_york_comic_con/2017/

flame con 2017


flame con 2017 pictures posted to http://www.rdfn.org/gallery/flame_con/2017/

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flame con 2015


mmm. i guess i never made a post about flame con 2015.  pictures had been posted, but now re-post-processed.  pictures posted to http://www.rdfn.org/gallery/flame_con/2015/

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new york comic con 2016


i've finally posted my nycc 2016 pictures.  sorry it took so long.  i just haven't been motivated to post.  might be time to retire from comic con, but i've already bought 2017 tickets, so i'll be there again.  pictures posted to http://www.rdfn.org/gallery/new_york_comic_con/2016/

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awesome con 2016


awesome con 2016 pictures posted to http://www.rdfn.org/gallery/awesome_con/2016/

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star trek: mission new york 2016


star trek: mission new york 2016 pictures posted to http://www.rdfn.org/gallery/star_trek_mission/2016/

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nycc 2015 pics posted


nycc 2015 pics has been posted to http://www.rdfn.org/gallery/new_york_comic_con/2015/

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new york comic con 2015


i am in the process of post-processing the pictures.

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new york comic con 2014 update


new york comic con 2014 pictures, posted to http://www.rdfn.org/gallery/new_york_comic_con/2014/

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hope x


i will be attending hope x.  http://x.hope.net/.  hackers on planet earth.  it's a convention that takes place once every two years at the hotel pennsylvania.  i am looking forward to this one.  the panels should be interesting this year with snowden and all going on.  also i have these two other friends that are presenting […]

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