new york comic con/anime festival


less than one week to go.  i'll be there as usual taking lots of pictures!  see you there! also, check out my tribute in light gallery i need to add my 2010 pictures to it.

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otakon 2010


otakon 2010 pictures are now online in the gallery section. just a quick impression of otakon this year (not in any particular order) ... yoshida brother's concert (friday): enjoyed the traditional music.  their "who's the better musician" duel was a blast. otakon fire drill (saturday): was already out of the convention center on our […]

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forgive me


forgive me for taking my sweet time to upload my otakon 2010 pictures.  i schedule my annual leave around otakon and i would like to be sociable while i'm out of the office.  had dinner and a movie with some friends last night.  inception was a great movie.  i'm having lunch with a friend today.  […]

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the next hope


here's my schedule (list of the panels i'm interested in attending) edit: [conference ended, schedule deleted] the next hope was well worth it

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animenext 2010 pics are online


currently in the process of uploading them to the gallery.  should be up in about 30 minutes (2330 hours edt).

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oh hai!


hey.  i know.  i know.  i haven't posted anything lately.  two things!  i'll be at animenext on the 19th.

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upcoming conventions


this year is shaping up to be the year i attend a bunch of convention.  attended anime boston, attending otakon (07/30-08/01), attending new york anime festival/new york comic (10/08-10/10), might make an appearance at animenext.  fyi, press registration is online for nyaf/nycc.

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website updated


updated again.  i wasn't happy with the pictures originally and did them over.  they're all uploaded now.  if the rotation or something is screwy with the picture, please email me!

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all convention galleries are up, including never before seen new york comic con.  need to upload my other photography stuff shortly.  also, deleted the old con galleries.  update your bookmarks.

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happy 420 day


i was hoping to have finished publishing all my convention pictures today, but i don't think that will be happening.  i need to fix a few pics from the latest batch tonight.  might get to another batch or two tonight.

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