ny comic con 2011 schedule


my schedule for ny comic con.  obviously i won't be able to make it to all, but these are the panels/events that i'm interested in.  and oh, i signed up for speed dating.  that should be interesting.  hope i don't chicken out.  heh. edit: [convention over, schedule deleted]

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otakon memories (2001)


ten years ago, otakon 2001, wow.  this was the first year i shot my con photos using a digital camera, a sony cybershot (dsc-s70).  this was also the first year otakon had the entire baltimore convention center.  imagine, the whole convention center and only ten-thousand attendees vs the 2011 stats of thirty-thousand. so the most […]

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otakon memories (2000)


otakon 2000 was much more planned out.  i planned a friday-sunday stay.  i had a courtyard view room at the harbor court hotel.  it was a nice independent posh hotel.  back then, the dole (as in pineapple) family owned it. (it is currently an intercontinental.  companies properties include holiday inn, if you didn't know.) like […]

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remembering september 11th ...


this picture of the september 11th tribute in light was taken in 2009 from my friend matt's apartment on the 22nd floor of silver towers.

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otakon memories (1999)


disclaimer:  everything is a bit fuzzy.  remember, this happened twelve years ago ... otakon 1999, the year that started it all.  a long time ago on an irc network far, far away ... a group of us use hang out on this irc channel on efnet called #robotech.  prior to its 1998 airing on cartoon […]

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otakon 2011 update


for those of you that care, this is why i didn't attend otakon this year > http://goo.gl/RSMd2.  i doubt i'll be in attendance in 2012 because i'm pretty sure my co-worker wants that weekend.  i honestly miss all of you.

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otakon 2011


nope.  won't be in attendance.  after twelve years, i've decided to retire.  don't think there's going to be a reprieve this time.  also, all otakon albums now are password protected. hope to see some of you at new york comic con.  http://www.nycomiccon.com/ (october 13th-16th)

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anime boston 2011


yeah.  hi.  i've been neglecting this.  anime boston 2011 pictures online.  https://www.rdfn.org/gallery/anime_boston/2011/ i have to mention that the stereopony concert was awesome.  it became even more awesome when they did a cover of green day's "american idiot" ... fantastic! see you all at otakon ...

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new year update


not really much of an update.  just sorta an update.  changed the font and width of the website.  still debating if i should upgrade to gallery 3.  will tweak the site on and off.  my 2011 con schedule is as follows ... anime boston, otakon, new york comic con/new york anime festival.  that's about it.  […]

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new york comic con 2010 update


hey there.  boy am i tired.  boy am i sore.  i'm having way too much fun at ny comic con.  it's a good thing that i don't have to head back to the office tomorrow.  will have pictures up sometime this week.  maybe even tonight or tomorrow.  happy 10 10 10 day.

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